A Common Connection
Simplifies Water Analysis

The WaterLink® Connect application is a bridge and a control panel for all supported WaterLink® Devices. Keep this application current for the latest device calibrations and features.

Keep your supported Analysis Devices connected no matter where you are. Download the free Windows® Desktop application or get the app for supported mobile Devices.


Click the link below to download the WaterLink Connect Application for Windows®

Supported operating systems: Windows 7, and Windows 10.
Version 1.18 | Firmware 231

  Download WaterLink Connect for Windows

For mobile users, the WaterLink® Connect Application is also available on supported mobile Devices.

The WaterLink® Connect Application controls supported Analysis Devices, allowing you to run water tests and transfer the test results to WaterLink® Connect Software Solutions like DataMate Web. Be sure to keep your WaterLink Connect Application up to date for the latest calibrations and features.

Keep connected with these Supported WaterLink Devices